Choosing a New Farm

  • Your horse’s activities are similar to those of the other horses at the farm.
  • The barn has good air circulation.
  • Stalls and paddocks are designed for minimal horse-to-horse and human-to-horse contact.


  • Your horse is healthy, vaccinated, has a negative Coggins test, and has a CVI before travelling.
  • Your horse will go directly to a quarantine area upon arrival at the new farm.


  • The quarantine stall is separated from the resident horses to prevent direct contact between the quarantined horse, other horses, and people.

Moving Horse from Quarantine to General Population

  • Your horse is moved into a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected stall.

Vector Control

  • Use vector control products on your horse appropriately (fly sheet and mask, fly spray, and/or feed additives).

General Equine Health

  • Have your veterinarian guide you on a parasite control program.
  • Learn healthy vital sign values and how your horse normally runs.

Medical and Travel Records

  • Have your horse microchipped and registered.

Returning to the Farm from Travel

  • Quarantine your horse when you arrive back to your home farm from traveling.

Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Disinfect tack by placing it in the sun.

Education and Announcements

  • Research biosecurity protocols and disease risks in your area.