Leaving the Farm

When anyone takes their horse(s) off of the property, they must notify you of their travel plans. This includes date of departure, destination, and date of arrival back to the farm. If the destination is far from your farm, conduct disease risk research with the owner. Even if you are not involved in these travel plans, any biosecurity risk mitigation for a horse on your farm will benefit all humans and animals present.

Leaving the Farm Key Points

  • Have owners notify you of any travel plans.
  • Help them assess biosecurity risks.

Returning to the Farm

While horses are off the property, stay up to date with disease outbreaks around the country, especially in the locations of those horses. Follow the same quarantining procedures as if a new horse had arrived at the farm. Depending on the amount of contact and biosecurity risks encountered while off the farm, the horse can be quarantined in the designated area or in their own stall. The quarantine period should last at least one to two weeks, or longer if the horse was exposed to a disease or is visibly sick. Temperature logs are also important to ensure that this horse does not spread any pathogens to the other horses on the farm.


Returning to the Farm Key Points

  • Quarantine horses that have been off property.
  • Keep a temperature log.